“The best part was having you help me make a plan and set goals, and then giving me the tools to reach my goals. Molly, you are exactly what my business needed, thank you!”
-Lori Lewis Photography
“Molly helped me raise my sales x6 within the first week of implementing her pricing and tips. I truly can't thank her enough!”
-Molly Silvernale Photography
"You are truly amazing at what you do and I can tell you love doing it. Saying thank you is not enough for what you have done for me. You are honestly an amazing individual and I am beyond blessed that you have given me the knowledge to help my business grow and thrive!"
-Marie Walkowski Photography
"Boudielicious Biz Camp was a valuable course that helped guide my business in the right direction. I recommend this course for anyone who is serious about their future success as boudoir photographers. Thank you, Molly Marie!!"
-Krisandra Adams

Hey Boudie Babes,

Molly Marie here, and if you're wanting to grow a profitable boudoir business so that you can finally
spend more time with family, more time traveling, growing your bank account, and less time
stressing, then keep reading...

I started my photography business 8 years ago with just .81 cents to my name. I knew I
wanted a job doing what I loved. What I didn't know was that having a successful and profitable
business would take more then me just being able to take stunning photographs for my clients.

You see, boudoir photographer’s FAIL BECAUSE they're always working IN their
as the photographer, customer service person, etc. etc. and they need to take the
time to focus more on their structure of their business and price list.

You might be reading this thinking “yes, that would be great but I'm
super busy.” OR that you don't know where to start, what to do, or how to do it.

Well, you're here reading this today because you know something needs to change so that
you can build the business and profits you need to achieve your business and personal goals.

I'm sure you started your photography business because you loved shooting. BUT what if I told you that after
this course you will have the knowledge to grow your bank account, and grow your business how YOU want it.

If you're feeling over worked, like you're not spending enough of your time on other important things outside of work we will change your business structure to have you working less but profiting more. Yes, for real. I went from shooting every day and weekends to shooting twice a week yet profiting twice as much as I was before.

Or if you have big goals you're needing more money for we will figure out what you need to make in your business and how to make your price structure work for you and your ideal clients.

For years I just kept shooting and charging what I thought people would pay or based my pricing off of what other photographers were charging...

...and you see once I took the time to figure out my true goals (what I REALLY wanted), how I was going to use my business to achieve them, and took the time to figure out my solid price list...

...I then saw HUGE POSITIVE changes within my business.

I know talking business and numbers is not super exciting or sexy. But wouldn’t you truly
feel "business sexy" if you were running the most profitable boudoir business in
your area?

Wouldn’t you feel sexy working less hours but AND earning way more money?

For one second I want you to close your eyes and think of why you’re
working all of those endless hours?
Do you need more money?
Desire more free time?
Or do you have the travel bug like me?

This past year I was able to attend all my family functions (when in past years I had been
working during all of them), went to Las Vegas, Boise Idaho, Switzerland, and Greece. I
also took a two week vacation for Christmas.

I’m only “bragging” because I want you to know YOU CAN achieve this IF you want to

and IF you take the right steps to achieving a more profitable business.

After all not many people can say they grew their business from .81 CENTS to
6 figures yearly within their boudoir business, and (as embarrassing as that first number
is to type) I’m proud to say that I did achieve that.

Not only did focusing on my pricing structure + business plan bring me more
money but it also
brought my business and me:

  • more clients

  • BETTER clients

  • consistent bookings

  • higher average portrait sales each year

  • LESS stress (oh, how joyous it’s been)

  • a GORGEOUS natural light studio

  • a studio manager (yes, you can hire one too and I’ll teach you how)

  • more time to GROW my business + less time working in it

"But won’t I lose clients once I change my prices + business plan?"

Yes. You will lose SOME clients (who aren't your ideal clients), but you will gain MORE clients, and more
clients that are your IDEAL clients.

This in turn will make your business more profitable and decrease the amount of wrinkles about to be
added to your forehead.

If you’re thinking this might be you, keep reading...

See, I used to waste countless hours on facebook, asking other random photographers for advice on forums,
up editing until the wee hours of the night, getting more wrinkles, photographing “cheapy” clients, and
feeling overwhelmed in it all.

Little did I know soon after switching my focus AWAY from those “time suckers” and using the Boudoir
Business Camp structure, financial spreadsheets, business plan, goal worksheets, etc.I created I
would be sitting in the middle of my studio floor, on a sunny morning, almost in tears because I couldn’t
believe I finally felt successful and HAPPY.

I hope right now that you’re feeling encouraged, because that’s what I was hoping for.
I want you to know that I’m HERE FOR YOU.

Which is why I want to share with you my course called, “Boudoir Business Camp.”

Boudoir Business Camp is a 4-week online business + pricing workshop I created based on what I did to go from .81 to earning 6 figures yearly within my boudoir business. OH and more importantly achieving the goals I had set, being HAPPY in my business, and moving on to new goals time and time again.

Boudie Business Camp is 4-weekly released (follow at your own pace, and lifetime access) modules containing helpful videos, fun actionable worksheets, and weekly Q&A calls to answer YOUR questions live. When you're done with the 4-week course you will have a solid business plan, profitable price list, business clarify and goals, and most importantly all the tools you need to create the business and life that makes you happy.


WEEK 1, "Laying the Ground work for Success in Your Life"
In this module you will discover goals deeper then just "money," complete a
clarity writing exercise, create a goal board, and learn to self motivate.

WEEK 2, "Laying the Ground Work for Success in Your Business"

In this module you will set business goals that will help you achieve success in
your business AND your personal life. You will also set "reach goals," Financial
goals, and your business benchmarks.

WEEK 3, "How to Determine Your Ideal Clients + Business Mission"
In this module you will gain an understanding of your ideal client so you can have
a clear path for marketing, learn to speak consistently about your business, and
write out your business mission statement.

WEEK 4, "How to Create your Perfect Price List and Offerings"
In this module you will determine which products you should be offering, complete
my financial planning worksheet, and complete your perfect price list.

BONUS WEEK 5, "How to Create a Successful Business Plan +
Follow Through"

All in all, you’re getting 5 video lessons of me showing you exactly
what to do this, rolled out over 4 weeks.

you’re getting 20 worksheets that help you
actively absorb this stuff, and most
importantly: they help you IMPLEMENT the strategies as you go along!

Because I want you to see results.

So every week, you’ll take one baby step after another, and at the end…

You’ll have a killer custom Business Plan + Price List.

And it’s going to be awesome because you’ll finally be able to go get those goals you've been dreaming of.

In addition to the modules, your class mates will be able to chat with you in our private facebook forum, AND I will be with you during this course EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

You also get all the Q&A recordings from other boudoir photographers just like you!

So, bottom line, is this camp for you?

If you're ready to stop procrastinating, gain clarity, start earning your worth, know your business message, and start achieving your dream goals. Then yes.

If you want to finally have rock solid business plan that will launch you into owning a successful boudoir business , Then yes, this Camp is for you.

If you're not THAT serious about your business, and you want to keep it as your hobby, then this course is not for you.

This camp is a commitment to bettering your business. It is a 4-week camp (commitment of 2-3 hours per week) but know that you have lifetime access and you can work through it at your own pace. Also, all of the course materials (including the live Q&A calls) are documented and available for download throughout the course.

I’m so confident that if you complete Boudie Business Camp step by step that you will reach goals you never thought you could. You will also make the money back on this program, and most importantly increase your profits! I'm so confident that I'm offering a 45 day money back policy. This will give you more then enough time to take the course, put it into action, and see it in action in your business.

Also as an added bonus
for you guys immediately after enrolling you will be
emailed with a unique username and password so that you can log into our
members only website. Upon logging there will be bonus videos waiting for
you to watch instantly.

I really can not wait to meet you and see you inside camp! Love and high fives!

Molly Marie

How does a photographer with only .81 cents to her name quickly leverage her boudoir business to consistently earn 6 figures yearly in a town of only 60,800 people?
"The worksheets that broke down how to price my products and services (how much to pay myself per hour) really helped open my eyes to see just how hard I was working and how little I was actually making per hour."
-Sarra Nelson Photography
“You are simply wonderful! Boudoir Business Camp is one of the best business decisions and investments I've made!”
-April Santo Domingo
"Thank you! It's incredible how much my confidence has gone up since I started this course just yesterday. I now believe I actually can be a business person instead of just avoiding the business side of it all together like I usually do! I feel like I'm listening to a best friend giving me advice. You're an awesome teacher. Thank you again!"
-April Santo Domingo
“Since your Boudoir Business course I have implemented the structure on all my portrait sessions. My sales are now averaging around $1800 per client! Can't wait to go through this next course of yours!”
-Heather Vallentyne Photography
Click "Enroll Now" to Join Boudoir Business Camp Now!
Click "Enroll Now" to Join Boudoir Business Camp Now!